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Founder Terry Noyes brings over 25 years experience of helping others make order from the chaos in their lives. Through Uniquely Organized, Terry offers wise, compassionate assistance in Brunswick and the surrounding areas. With acute empathy and wise instincts, she will help you accomplish your goals.

Terry's background in psychology and ministry equips her to listen carefully and watch closely. She will help you discern your needs, develop a plan and then execute tasks according to 

your priorities and preferences.

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We Get The Job Done!


All staff members have a long history of professional work, community involvement and insightful leadership. With a diversity of relevant skills, we will capably meet your needs. Each staff person has a strong work ethic and high standards for excellence, guaranteeing that every dollar spent is for

 hard work well done.   

Our Crew:

  • Chris Noyes: Pastor, First Presbyterian Church of Brunswick
  • Jessica Noyes: Special Education Teacher, Glynn Academy
  • Jill Wright: Private Realtor;  Administrative Assistant, Cabeca Health
  • Beth Sutton: Staff Associate for Communications, Savannah Presbytery; Consultant, Your Memories Simplified

Elaine Griffin Interiors


Uniquely Organized has partnered locally with Elaine Griffin Interiors. After decades of success in Paris, and New York City, renowned interior designer Elaine Griffin opened an office here, in her Golden Isles hometown!   

Elaine's design creed is: 

“Stylewise, it’s important that your house reflects who you are: where you come from, where you’ve been, where you are and where you’re going. We want your home to be warm, we want it to be inviting, and to look like you

You’re the soul of every room in your house.” 

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